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Old School Performances

One of Old School's purposes is to grow the public's appreciation for the arts and allow for more accessibility to performances.

By the Sea

This is not a traditional musical experience. Audience members will be invited to participate in the action and explore sensory aspects related to the subject of living by the ocean, through touch, scent, sight, and rich musical sound. Audience members who may need additional support in engaging with the performance are welcome to have a family member attend, or staff member assist them. The show is non-verbal which means that it allows for folks to engage and enjoy without the encumbrance of needing to understand language or follow a plot.


The creation and development of By the Sea was funded by the New Horizons for Seniors program with the goal of making the arts more accessible for those living with dementia. The show was created with the participation of seniors from our community in St. John’s, NL at long term care homes, at seniors’ residences and within community groups. The show features music recorded by Jodee Richardson, Andrew Dale (of The Once) and Dave Rowe, and is performed by Old School Co-Founders, Claire Rouleau and Erin Winsor.


Bookings are available starting again in October 2022. The show is approx. 45 minutes and is followed by a meet and greet with performers, venue permitting.

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Grandpals is a play with music, created by Claire and Erin to honour intergenerational friendships. It is based on a true story of how two individuals of different generations developed a friendship, initially based on music but to their surprise realized they had lots to talk about and to learn from one another. With top hit music from the past, Grandpals will show you a friendship like you've never seen before.

Grandpals comes with an optional pre or post workshop with audience members to explore themes of the show with an Old School facilitator as well as a meet and greet with the cast after the show.

*Check back for updates on when Grandpals will be available.

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