“The students amazed me, when they met with the residents even students who have social and emotional challenges were extremely involved in the activities with their pen pals. I can’t express enough how this part of the program impacted myself and my class. Just amazing…” 


“Thank you Claire and Erin. This was a fantastic program and I feel lucky that my class could participate. It was such a valuable opportunity for them.” 

“Students built a profound sense of empathy as they got to know their pen pals better. The intergenerational connections they forged gave them a perspective that they may not have otherwise gotten. It was an authentic learning experience beyond what students could learn in a textbook.” 



“In this day of computers Pen Pals is quite unique. It was nice for them to meet an old person and not be frightened to death!” 

“Thank you. This was so valuable to me. I was Cathy the teacher again, instead of Cathy the patient."


“This is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ll never forget it! I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.” 



"Residents enjoyed seeing children. We even had some residents that would only leave their rooms for this program.” 

“You guys did a wonderful job bridging the gap between two populations that do not always get the chance to spend time together.” 

-Recreation Directors