The Old School Bus

This renovated school bus enables Old School to deliver accessible programming, performances and resources across the province. Programming occurs inside and outside the bus, pending weather and season. The bus also serves as an administrative space and creative space for the not-for-profit and transportation for supplies and services.

Why a bus?:

Image by Austin Pacheco
  • It will enable travel to small communities with limited programming offerings.

  • It will serve as a storage space for our program resources and performance sets, props and costumes.

  • It will allow Old School to offer a unique celebration experience that will fund other mobile programs.

  • It will be an accessible space for all.

  • It is a physical reinvention of an old school bus, just as Old School mandates.

Interested in helping with the bus renovations?


Do you have carpentry, welding, plumbing, or electrician experience? Or do you want to be a part of a fun, interactive, community experience and learn new things?

Not able to donate your time?


Sharing social media posts and/or donating to our Go Fund Me page will help to get The Old School Bus up and running!