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Youth Ambassador & Inclusion Program

This program is intended to inspire youth ages 8-18 already involved in and passionate about an art form to consider how older generations might be included in that form of art, and/or have access to enjoy it. It is a meaningful way for your students to share their talent and passion. 

Youth Tap Dance Rehearsal

Part One - An Old School facilitator will visit a group class focusing on the arts and conduct an hour-long inclusion workshop about how to make your chosen art form accessible and age-friendly. 


Part Two - At a later date, that class would visit a nearby seniors' residence for an hour during a mutually convenient time and share something they have been working on, and facilitate (with support) inclusive art activities with seniors. 


If you are interested in taking part please reach out to us. Providing possible dates for parts one and two will enable us to get started scheduling this opportunity to you and the youth you mentor. Groups of 5-25 are ideal. We are able to provide supplies if required. 


The benefits of Intergenerational exchange and experiences are invaluable for all who take part and we hope you will consider joining us on our mission to make the arts more accessible in our community. 

* This program is funded by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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