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Old School is the first affiliate organization in Atlantic Canada to participate in the national program, GrandPals, supported by the Centre for Studies and Aging and Health at Providence Care.

GrandPals is an intergenerational program that connects an elementary school class with a small team of GrandPals (adults 55+) to engage in weekly, open conversations providing a path for connection and learning through storytelling.
This is a great opportunity for folks who live independently to get involved with an intergenerational program. Once a week for eight weeks, GrandPals will go to the school to visit their students and through structured topics, they will get to know each other through storytelling and artistic exploration.

We are currently running this program with a grade five class in St. John's and we will be expanding the program this fall to allow for more opportunities for intergenerational connections to be made.

Interested in Participating?

Fill out an application form:
More questions? Email us or call us at 709-763-6634 or view the GrandPals website by clicking their logo!
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