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Past Projects

The Old School Bus Retrofit

The Old School Bus is a 2008 Bluebird school bus. Since 2021 the bus has undergone a retrofit to be made into an arts programming, administrative and creative space for Old School. The bus now assists in the transportation of supplies and services throughout the province. The bus has been made accessible and is an inclusive, safe space for people of all ages to engage in the arts. A big thank you to Derek Winsor, City Wide, Scotiabank, New Horizons, and the City of St. John's who helped make this bus possible.

The Reminiscence Project

During Covid-19, over the course of four weekly visits, engaged residents at a local senior home for one hour in discussion, play, and sensory exploration to facilitate the recollection of memories and stories from their lives. After each session we would share a story or memory to young students. Feedback from these offerings would be shared with group participants in subsequent meetings.

The Pen Pal Project

Grade six students and local seniors in St. John's would write to one another for four months. This experience culminated in a face-to-face or virtual meeting. Throughout the program, Claire and Erin facilitated in-class arts programming with students to explore the stereotypes and challenges of aging. This project took place multiple times equaling participation of approximately 600 students and 75 seniors. Funded by Arts Smarts. 2018-2023.

Telephone Tunes

Musical phone calls and chats from professional and community singers who volunteer their time to connect with community members who could use some joy. Created during the Covid-19 pandemic to create new intergenerational connections and ease isolation.

Skill Sharing

Old School's skill-sharing workshops allowed community members to share their skills, talents, and interests with one another in an age-friendly and inclusive environment. Our skill-sharing workshops took place in 2022 and were funded by the Seniors Social Inclusion Fund through the Department of Children, Seniors, and Social Development. Sessions including: Hydroponics with Sucseed, Magic with James Hawksley, Swing Dancing with Lindy Hop on the Rock, and Creative Writing with Stacy Gardner

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